I wonder who we will be and where we will go on our yoga adventure today?  




Will we ring like a telephone, zoom like a rocket, or purr like a cat?

Does your child like to be active, sing songs, play games and act out stories?

Would you like to learn yoga poses, stretch and strengthen your body and learn calming techniques?

My classes are developed from my training and experience as a Early Years Teacher and link to many of the Early Years Foundation Stage Outcomes.  The sessions will help children to become 'school ready'. 

Sessions will:

  • Develop co-ordination, balance and flexibility.

  • Strengthen core, shoulder, arm and wrist muscles which are needed for mark making and writing.

  • Encourage a love of stories.

  • Develop concentration, communication skills and confidence.

  • Extend children's vocabulary.

  • Teach calming techniques.

  • Help children to gain a better understanding of their own bodies.

yoga superhero pose.jpg

Yoga Adventures

Themes include: superheros, animals, space, jungles, under the sea, nursery rhymes, the seasons, pirates and traditional tales.

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Sessions start with deep breathing games and end with chill out time. These quick mindfulness activities are age appropriate - we play sleeping lions, enjoy massages and use lots of fun props.

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Stretchy Stories

Children act out much loved stories by stretching into lots of different playful poses.

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Party style games are given a yoga style twist.