Adult Classes

Enjoy the wonder of yoga with Sara in a friendly space where you can grow physically and mentally stronger.  As a form of exercise yoga works wonders on the body.  It stretches and strengthens muscles, builds stamina, flexibility and balance.  It is both calming and energising.  It will encourage a greater mind-body connection, something we all need in our busy, stressful lives.

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

"Sthira Sukham Asanam"

 Sutra 2.46, The Yoga Sutras by Patanjali (a compilation of yoga philosophy)


Yoga feels right! Sara loves the way yoga creates a sense of feeling at ease.  After practising you become aware that you have been doing not only exercise, but also self-care.  Sara will help you to practice yoga with strength, steadiness and stability (Sthria) in a relaxed manner which will give rise to flexibility, openness and harmony (Sukha) within the physical body.   

Adult Sessions

Yoga in the Park:

9:30am Fridays @ Sworders Field, Bishop's Stortford (by the town park bandstand)

£8 a session or Block of 4 £30.  Free trial session!  May - mid September

Group Yoga:

for School Staff, Corporates or a group of friends, 1hr £60,

(book a one off, monthly or a regular session)

121 Sessions:

1 hr £40