What is it?

Paying attention to the present, on purpose, without judgement.  “Deep breathing and calming us down” Grace, aged 5

Mindfulness teaches us to try and anchor on the present moment and not waste time on the past/future.  We can’t stop our minds from wandering and sometime this is very helpful, but 60% of the time our wandering thoughts are worries. 

Mindfulness and children

Children are innately good at mindfulness – they are usually good at living in the here and now.  But in our busy, materialistic and stressful world this changes.  Mindfulness helps to give them the tools to try and cope with the pressure of modern day life, to build their resilience.

"Our Reception class have loved their Mindfulness with Sara.  Our weekly sessions have taught the children lots of techniques to learn about their bodies and minds. This has helped them to calm themselves using the power of their breath and identify emotions, finding ways to make themselves feel calm and happy." Reception Class Teacher

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