"My daughter loves the club! It has helped her with calm breathing when she is upset & her confidence is growing weekly! Thank you so much Sara!" Nicola

Yoga connects children's hearts, minds and bodies in a way that no other form of exercise can. Mindfulness helps today’s children cope in a busy, materialistic and technology focused world. Too many children suffer with stress, mental health issues and obesity. The Wonder Tree sessions incorporate non-competitive, energetic and relaxing yoga with mindfulness games and activities in a playful way so that children of all ages, fitness levels and abilities can grow their inner and outer strength.

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Benefiting Hearts

  • Resilience and self-belief are encourage, helping children to understand how wonderful they are.

  • Mindful practices allow children to be in the moment, to just be.

  • Focus and self-discipline are developed, encouraging concentration and listening.

  • Yoga postures support the immune, respiratory, circulatory systems.

  • Self-respect is developed -  body confidence, self esteem and self awareness.

  • Deep breathing will calm and enhance learning capacity.


Benefiting Minds

  • Mind-body connections are strengthened.

  • Healthy body, healthy mind philosophy. 

  • Develops an understanding their own thoughts and feelings.

  • Relaxation techniques help children de-stress.

  • Self-calming - activities promote a happy mood and put children in a good state of being for learning.

  • Yoga stretchy stories encourage story vocabulary and emphasise the rhythms of story language.

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Benefiting Bodies

  • Yoga postures gently stretch and strengthen muscles.

  • Yoga is a healthy, non-competitive form of physical activity.

  • Back and core muscles are strengthened for better sitting posture.

  • Co-ordination, core-stability and balance are developed.

  • Motor development on both sides of the body (crossing the midline) is encouraged.

  • Yoga postures enhance physical flexibility and balance.

  • Develops an understanding of the human body.