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"Not only do the children enjoy the sessions, but we are all beginning to see the benefits too!" School SENCO


"The staff have been raving about the session that you did for us at the staff meeting." Jean

“It makes you feel calm and relaxed.  Helps you to not get angry.  It makes you feel very happy.” Yr 4 pupil

"Your mannerism was so pleasant and kind with both adults and children and the yoga exercises were so well suited for both age groups. Instructions were very clear and your interactions were brilliant. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves today. 

I would definitely like to book the next family session." Nabeela

“My daughter loves her Wonder Tree sessions -  we have all benefited from the calming techniques she has learned!” Selina

"Seren has really enjoyed your classes.  She uses the techniques you’ve taught her on a regular basis, so thanks again."


"Our Reception class have loved their mindfulness with Sara.  Our weekly sessions have taught the children lots of techniques to learn about their bodies and minds.  This has helped them to calm themselves using the power of their breath and identify emotions, finding ways to make themselves feel calm and happy.  It has given children space and time to reflect and focus their minds.  Being able to take part in sessions in the outside area, particularly our new forest area, has made the sessions even more special.  Our children have really engaged with the practical and active activities, games and exercises taught to them by Sara, demonstrating their skills independently in their own play and free time.  I would recommend The Wonder Tree to any school setting and age group." Reception Class Teacher

"My daughter had a bit of an episode with her asthma at school last week, and I managed to get her to use her yoga breathing (bumble bee breathing) to calm her down and get her breathing back to normal. It was so helpful she knew how to do that ." 

"Alice has really enjoyed doing yoga this term! She even practises and does her power breathing at home."

“Hannah will be signing up for next term - in fact she told me she wanted to without me having to ask her and that is honestly a first! Usually with clubs, she makes all sorts of excuses not to go so thank you for providing this club for her and it's a real credit to you.”

“My daughter has really enjoyed the yoga sessions and has been so full of excitement about the next one!  I have found that her worries/sadness being put into a cloud has really been working!” Kim


"My daughter loves the club! It has helped her with calm breathing when she is upset & her confidence is growing weekly! Thank you so much Sara!" Nicola

“I had a lovely impromptu session about emotions, anger and how to calm and regulate. The class were able to give me lots of different breathing techniques that you had taught them. It made a much calmer day for all of us!” Year One Class Teacher

“My daughter adores the yoga classes she is lucky enough to have at school. We are often given demonstrations and encouraged to join in at home. She has become aware of balance, flexibility and controlled movement and I love that she is becoming a strong, poised little girl. It helps her flex her mental and physical muscles and adds to the full range of developmental experiences offered. The best part of course, is how much she loves the classes.” Jen


“I think it’s amazing that they have access to yoga at school. My son showed us his sun salutation at the weekend, he showed us ‘Hickory, Dickory Dock’ as well.” Claire


“My son loves the yoga class. While he was watching TV the other day he stopped and said, ‘this is how you do a butterfly.’ I think it is good exercise, really good fun, shows great imagination and improves concentration.” Kate


“I love the boat and downward dog, it makes me feel good.” Mae, aged 4

“Yoga makes me feel calm and stretchy.” Year 4 pupil


“Emily loves it! Been lying on the floor tonight doing moves and telling me about her belly buddy!”