Wonder Power - Power Breath

Goal - I can notice/control my breath to help me cope.

I wonder how you are doing? If your house is anything like mine, we are all finding it difficult to respond calmly and often over react during these challenging days of lockdown.

We all know that when we are stressed we should 'take a deep breath', but how many of us actually do this? I wonder if when you suggest 'take a deep breath' to your children the following happens:

a) they ignore you, or

b) you notice that they are too overwhelmed with their uncomfortable feeling/s in that stressful moment and are unable to control themselves to do it.

This is because they haven't practised it enough during calm times. It has not become a tool which they can use to calm themselves down.

At The Wonder Tree we practise many different 'tools' which are engaging ways to grow our 'power breath' ability. If you can learn to notice and control your breath you will gain the power to either calm yourself down, use it to gain energy or use it to increase your focus. Just from the power of your breath! What a wonderful power to have!

Tool - Balloon Breath

Home challenge - I will do 5/10 Balloon Breaths everyday for a week:

Practise makes Powerful!

I hope your enjoy practising this empowering tool!