Classes for pre-schoolers, primary children, preteens and teenagers.

Discover the wonder of yoga and mindfulness

Discover the wonder of you

Mission - to provide fun yoga and mindfulness classes for children and young people,

exercising their bodies and empowering their minds.

Vision - to work wonders on children’s and young people's inner and outer strength,

building their resilience and self awareness.


"wonder" - a feeling of amazement and admiration,

caused by something beautiful or remarkable.

All children are wonders!  To help feel wonderful at The Wonder Tree we try and live by this Wonder Code:  


I can . . .

W - WORK HARD  (mental toughness, positive planning, effort, copes with discomfort)

O - be OPEN MINDED  (has a growth mindset, a positive perspective, is open to change, challenges and choices)

N - NOTICE NOW  (be mindful, be comforted by my breath & nature and put my energy into the present)

D - DISCOVER  (my strengths/talents, be curious about my inner self, my experiences and emotions)

E - EXERCISE  (my body and mind so I am mentally and physically fit)

R - RESPECT (myself, others and the planet and be kind, grateful and practise self compassion)

At school children and young people learn about the outside world.  The Wonder Tree was set up to help them also learn about their inner world.  The Wonder Toolkit is full of D.I.Y. tools help to grow self awareness, self regulation, self respect, self belief and self care.  

"My 4 year old has become far more confident since starting her Yoga club at school,

thank you so much to Sara for teaching her!" Flora, Bishop's Stortford


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