Mindful Moment

High 5 This month's Mindful Moment is one of my favorite calming activities. It is a great way to teach children about the power of their breath because you don't need anything other than your hands, it is quick, easy to remember and it works! 1. Hold up your left hand so the palm is facing you. 2. Get your pointing finger ready on your right hand. 3. As you slowly breathe in through your nose, slowly slide your finger up the side of your thumb. 4. Slowly breath out as you slide your finger down the other side. 5. Continue for each finger, breathing in slowly as you slide up and out as you slide down until you have finished tracing your hand. #childrensmindfulness

Practise a Pose

It might look easy, but there is quite a lot going on with Stick (staff) Pose. 1. Sit on your 'sitting bones' with a tall, straight back. 2. Stretch your legs out straight in front of you. Keep them glued together, 2. Bring your hands to the floor by your hips, pulling your shoulders back and down. 3. Point your toes up to the sky. 4. Hold the pose for at least 3 power breaths. Playful Yoga: Yes / No game - This is a great way to encourage children to hold stick pose for a longer length of time. Take it in turns to ask a closed question. The children should answer using their feet only! If the answer is yes point your toes to the sky and if it is no point them to the ground. Move it! - Pr


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